Addiction Recovery Program

An integrated approach including Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug, along with Psychological and Psychiatric care.

About our program

The Mended Reeds Addiction Recovery Program is a 6 month inpatient facility designed to treat all aspects of addiction. We are certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS) and also incorporate mental health services licensed by the Ohio  Department of Mental Health (ODMH).

The program incorporates a phase system in which 3 phases are utilized to gradually and successfully integrate our residents back into a community setting. Each phase has a specific focus of treatment and independent assignments as well as increasing off-site privileges Life skills and personal wellness are incorporated throughout all aspects of the program.

Program Overview

  • Treatment  Intensive Program
  • Integrated Substance Abuse and Mental Health services
  • Focus on personal wellness to support all aspects of recovery
  • Gradual integration into community setting including participation in weekly NA and AA meetings
  • Development of life skills including budgeting, job applications, cooking, parenting skills

Provided Services

  • Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health Assessments with an integrated Individualized Service Plan
  • 30+ hours of Drug and Alcohol Counseling weekly con
    sisting of group and individual sessions
  • Group and Individual Mental Health Counseling and Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment
  • Urinalysis
  • Family Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Psychological assessment services as needed

Why Mended Reeds?

With so many addiction counseling service providers available why come to us?  The answer is simple.  We have staff that is acutely aware of the effects of co-occurring disorders going undiagnosed. We aren’t here to put on a new band aid each time you fall.  We are here to help you move into recovery-not just stumble along until the next relapse.  If you are serious about recovery let us help. At Mended Reeds all aspects of your treatment can be coordinated at one site with the focus on YOU.

Mended Reeds began providing services to southeastern Ohio since  1999. Our staff is acutely aware of the unique challenges to maintaining sobriety in rural communities. We believe there is hope for those struggling with both addiction issues and mental health concerns.  Whether the these problems are long-term or brought on temporarily by other circumstances, we understand.  Our skilled, compassionate staff are here for you. 

We offer residential services for male and female clients.